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Science by the Pint

  • Arbor Brewing Company 114 E Washington St Ann Arbor, MI 48104 (map)

Printing Houses in Record Time

A discussion with Haseung Chung

3D printing isn’t just for making customized plastic novelties; this technology packs a punch when multiple materials can be used as “ink”. From printing medicine to food or building materials this technology has the potential to change the landscape of manufacturing. However, most 3D printers have common disadvantages, which are very limited materials for “ink” and a slow fabrication time. Engineers are developing new techniques to overcome these challenges and broaden the use of this technology. Soon you could be printing a pizza or your prescription!

For DNA It’s Construction Season all Year Long!

A discussion with Ishita Das

Every cell in our body contains DNA, which is essentially an instruction guide for the proper function and maintenance of our entire body. But did you know that this instruction guide is constantly being damaged everyday? This scrambles up the instructions DNA gives to our cells, which can wreak havoc on our bodies. Luckily we all have special ‘construction workers’ that repair the damaged DNA, but what happens when even these workers can’t fix the problem?

Unsinkable Ships That Don’t Drain the Budget

A discussion with Yan Liu

The US Navy hasn’t had a smaller fleet active ships since 1917; despite growing global threats, this shouldn’t worry you. The ships of 1917 are no comparison to the capabilities of ships today, but with improved technology comes increased cost of production. In the Navy's recent initiatives to transform concept ship designs into operations, the cost issues constantly emerges and results in design failures. Engineers are finding clever ways to keep costs to a minimum while still advancing the field, technologically.

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Science by the Pint
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