making science communication a conversation

LSI Grads presents "Future of Communicating Science"

LSI Grads "Future of Science" Seminar Series Keynote presented by Lucky Tran, Science Media Relations Officer with Columbia University.

Forum Hall, U of M Palmer Commons

"A couple of decades ago if you asked someone to name a recent science experience, I’d wager that most would answer with the same two words: Carl Sagan. Ask the same question today and you’d probably hear a variety of responses: tweeting space robots, hashtag debates about dress color, emoji genetics or anything in between. From 140 characters to 9 million pixels, in the information age there are a staggering number of different ways that someone might learn about a scientific discovery. TL;DR how we talk about science has changed remarkably, so let's talk about where science communication is going and how we can do it better. Our future depends on it!"