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Science by the Cup

  • Crazy Wisdom Tea Room 114 S Main St Ann Arbor, MI, 48104 United States (map)

The Complicated Side of Bubbles

A discussion with Bahman Aboulhasanzadeh

Have you ever watched the bubbles in your drink dance around the glass, only to meet their demise at the surface? Despite their short lifespan and effervescent nature, bubbles do some serious work in the industrial sector. The manufacture of synthetic fuels, fermentation and biological wastewater treatment all rely on the behavior of bubbles. By studying the way bubbles move in fluids, engineers are able to improve manufacturing processes and reduce the cost of products we use every day.

Engineering Hot Cars to Cool the Climate

A discussion with Siddhesh Shinde

The United States is second only to China in the emission of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas attributed to global warming. According to a recent report by NASA, emissions from automobiles are the single largest contributor to harmful gases across the world. Engineers are working on a way to reform these mechanical offenders by literally reshaping them to improve fuel economy with the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions drastically. They test their designs with the help of some savvy, cutting-edge technology. In the words of Gandhi, “The future depends on what we do today!”

Fine-Tuning Lasers of the Future

A discussion with Michael Haines

Lasers are undoubtedly awesome to any self-proclaimed nerd. They’re coolest part of any SciFi movie, and as a kid all it took was the added “pew pew” to turn your finger into a deadly weapon. In real life, lasers are just as amazing and are used for everything from data storage to eye surgery and material processing. To meet the expanding applications for lasers, engineers are working to improve laser technology by using an equally expanding set of innovative techniques.

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