making science communication a conversation

"The Future of Communicating Science" - a seminar by Lucky Tran

 Monday, June 8th from 3-4pm in Forum Hall (Palmer Commons)

A couple of decades ago if you asked someone to name a recent science experience, I’d wager that most would answer with the same two words: Carl Sagan. Ask the same question today and you’d probably hear a variety of responses: tweeting space robots, hashtag debates about dress color, emoji genetics or anything in between. From 140 characters to 9 million pixels, in the information age there are a staggering number of different ways that someone might learn about a scientific discovery. TL;DR how we talk about science has changed remarkably, so let's talk about where science communication is going and how we can do it better. Our future depends on it!

 The LSI Grads "Future of Science" Seminar Series Keynote